Hacking date in Digital Glarus

Hotel Diesbach

As you might know, we have recently started hacking in Digital Glarus. Now we have planned the first hacking courses and soon in December Hack4Glarus will happen again.

Now we are looking for 2 more people to join us here in Switzerland, in the middle of the mountains.

About you

You are interested in being around Open Source or security hackers? You like to organise or participate in events? You are either yourself into technology or interested in becoming the chef or good soul of the house? Fast Internet is a must for you?

If you answered all of the above the questions with yes, it sounds like you are great candidate for joining us!

About us

We, that is Balazs, Sanghee, Nico and Samuel, are working, staying or hacking (sic!) in the Hacking Hotel. We have 4 (soon 5) different nationalies and are interested in topics around IPv6, AI, Open Source or Visual Design.

Sometimes, we also spent time without the computer - in that case we love to hike the mountains, or, if there is snow, to ski.

The details

You are invited to hangout, live and hack with us, with the highest speed Internet (10 Gbit/s) in the mountains of Glarus. Enjoy the very cool enviroment (in the winter literally!), next to ski slopes and mountains for hiking and skiing. If you are interested in joining us, drop us a message with a short introduction about yourself to hackingdate at digitalglarus.ch.

We are looking for permanent hackers staying a minimum stay of 3 months. The rent is 590 CHF/month or 24 hours work/month.