First Hacking Courses starting end of September

After getting great response to the previous article and the reddit post, we decided to launch the first to hacking courses already in 2019 instead of 2020.

The first course is named Hacking Basics and as you can imagine, you will learn about some basic techniques for attacking and defending local and remote targets.

The second course is named Hacking Web Applications and focuses on the insecurities of typical web applications. We suggest to have basic hacking knowledge or to take the Hacking Basics course above before.

Some more details to both courses can be found on the events and lecture page.

The tentative dates for the courses are

  • Hacking Basics: 2019-09-30 to 2019-10-04
  • Hacking Web Applications: 2019-10-07 to 2019-10-11

Lectures take place during 0900 to 1200 and 1300 to 1600.

They will happen in the pretty hacking hotel Diesbach:

Hotel Diesbach

(Hotel Diesbach, Hauptstrasse 28, 8777 Diesbach, Switzerland)

The course fees are as follows (in CHF, including VAT):

Course With Stay and food Only stay
Hacking Basics 1800 1300
Hacking Web Applications 1800 1300
Both courses and weekend stay 3800 2700

The stay includes a room for yourself, shared bath room, use of the communal areas and obviously the fast Internet.

The courses will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants to ensure quality of learning. To register, send an email to ssde at Registration closes at 2019-09-13.