Hacking and Living in Hotel Diesbach

Some days ago we opened up a new location in Digital Glarus, in the very pretty Hotel Diesbach!

Update: checkout the first hacking courses happening this September

Hotel Diesbach

(Hotel Diesbach, Hauptstrasse 28, 8777 Diesbach)

As you can imagine, Hotel Diesbach is again a place to hack, learn and exchange ideas.

Cafe in Hotel Diesbach

Above you see the Cafe in Hotel Diesbach, one of the many places to hang out.

Workshop Room in Hotel Diesbach

There is not only a workshop room for learning (see above), but also a hacking room for experimenting with hardware, software and everything that is fun!

Hacking Room in Hotel Diesbach

Next to the hacking room is our lecture hall, in which the newly founded Swiss School of Digital Education will be teaching starting 2020!

Lecture Hall in Hotel Diesbach

And we now have a limited offer: there is 2 apartments available for living in Hotel Diesbach. Each of them having full access to our fiber based 10 Gbit/s line to the Data Center Light. And clearly, the hotel features full IPv6 support. Everyone living in Hotel Diesbach can have access to the local IPv6 router. So if you want a /48 for your apartment, go ahead and configure it for yourself!

Oh, and if you prefer sitting outside, there is also a nice garden sitting place next to the hotel:

Garden Sitting Place at Hotel Diesbach

The apartments are available for 590 CHF per month, including the fastest Internet of the whole Canton - You can apply for it by writing to hoteldiesbach -at- digitalglarus.ch or in the ungleich chat.

Last but not least, this is the view from the apartments:

View from apartment in Hotel Diesbach